Words like, “when you’re older”, must appease him… And promises of someday make his dreams

kumain kami ni jet sa labas para sa dinner kagabi (siyempre, alangan namang lunch. gago!). aba sumasagot ng pa-pilosopo ang kunsensya ko (gago ka kasi eh!). o, ayan na naman. hehehe. ang sarap nga ng kain namin pero medyo bitin ako. doon kami nagpunta sa turo-turo (hawker centre ang tawag dito) malapit sa amin. umorder ako ng dalawang minced meat noodles at fried vegetable dumplings, total cost? around $10 (mga 320 pesoses). di na rin masama. actually mura na ito considering ang 1 mcdo value meal ay uma-average ng around $6 per order. bumili rin kami ng 2 kilong mangosteen (my peborit pruwet). by the way, kumakain ba kayo ng “dyo-wee-see pru-wet“? bawal yan sa singapore. naubos ko ang mangosteen habang pinapanood ko ang coronation ni prime minister lee hsien loong. tinirahan ko naman si jet ng 1 piraso. ang sarap kasi eh.

isa pa sa mga masarap sa singapore, which my wife and i enjoy is da pak dat you can go out at night for a cheap dinner. all you need to do is dress casually and walk out. safety is not an issue because the crime rate is so low. the food is cheap and clean dahil mahigpit ang standards ng singapore sa mga cooked stuff at medyo obsessive compulsive sa kalinisan. this typifies what singapore (and lee kwan yew’s legacy) is all about – keeping the island efficient, safe, clean and green almost to the point of being too clinical and artificial. everything must look good. lahat dapat aasenso at yayaman. pero dapat walang kokontra!

in his speech, pm lee says (en ay kwowt): “Our people should feel free to express diverse views, pursue unconventional ideas or simply be different.” brave bold words coming from a singaporean government official ano? kaya na kaya nilang umalagwa at bigyan ng mas maraming freedoms ang mga tao to express themselves here in singapore? tingnan natin. ang feedback galing sa mga reports ay: the new prime minister, daw, is in the same mold as his dad – which means, strict disiplianrian at sensitive sa criticism. etong administration will be critical sa future ng singapore. lumaki na kasi ang mga taga rito. naranasan na nila ang freedoms ng mga iba’t ibang western countries. di na sila uto uto na pwedeng madisiplina with codenscending and patronizing words.

minsan naiisip ko rin dahil sa sobrang paghihigpit, di alam ng mga taga rito kung ano ang gagawin pag walang nagsasabi sa kanila kung ano ang gagawin. bumababa na ang population – kailangan sabihan pa sila ng gobyerno na makipag sex at mag anak pa ng higit sa isa. hehe. dumadami na ang nagkakalat – ok bawal na ang juicy fruit (dyu-wee-see pru-wet) chewing gum. mga ganong bagay ba. in a way, nawawala ang innovation. nawawala ang soul. at ang paborito namin nina jet at dengcoy miel – “nawawala ang substance”. nagiging mga automaton. robots who are all programmed to make the country better. but can we argue with success? singapore has “one of asia’s highest living standards, gleaming skyscrapers and squeaky-clean streets“.

there is an interesting article in the inquirer about “Mr Lee’s kuwan”. basahin ninyo at interesting ito. after reading that, sagutin naman ninyo ito: if you had the choice, what would it be – “limited freedom with censorship pero maunlad na bansa” or “puro freedom pero medyo naghihirap”?

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  1. Ang hirap sagutin ng question mo. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me and my family, so I might go for the first choice. Experiencing both of these choices firsthand (SG OFW lang nakakaranas nito), mas comfortable naman para sa akin ang experience ko here. Of course, I can only speak for myself, pero may sinasabi rin ang kunsensya ko na piliin yung second choice (gago! masarap dumura anytime!). O ayan, nagsalita na rin si kunsensya.

    Medyo bold nga ang mga sinabi ni PM Lee, pero subukan mong mag-apply ng permit para mag-protesta, asa ka pang maaprubahan.

  2. ako maraming opinion about life in singapore. as a place it is really great. may mga issue lang ako about the people mostly about “substance and soul” which i’ve talked about previously. as a pinoy who grew up in the philippines then transplanted to singapore – it’s the best life one can live. kasi you grew up in a soulful country with passionate people. tapos you’re here in a country where it’s orderly and clean – BUT, you don’t have the hang ups that came with achieving it dahil you weren’t born here. so there.

    but my response doesn’t answer my question. nor does yours, kasi you are straddling the fence. hehe

  3. singapore should be commended for being so clean and organized and progressive. but there’s something unnatural about everything being so perfect.

    i stayed at the hotel on sentosa for a week two years ago. after the conference, i would walk around near the beach area. shock ko lang, there were tiny excavators on the beach. when i asked the pinay on the staff, she explained they were “sculpting” the shape of the beach para mag-mukhang sunrays.

    there are some things that are better left the way nature intended. that’s the long way of saying, i’m attached to my free will. the government shouldn’t take it away.

  4. thanks for the comment ate mona and the special mention in your latest blog entry. it tickles me no end at halos mautot ako sa tuwa. to solidify, our mutual adoration society, let me say that your blog is one of my favorites. for a long time now, it has been part of my daily reads. kaya nga naroon ka sa pinakataas ng aking links, together with my relatives. hehe.

    they not only sculpt the beach but the sand itself is imported from indonesia – much to the dismay of the indonesians of course who believe their island will sink with singapore’s endless purchase of their sand. i guess, that’s one of the “freedoms” their money brings. they have the freedom to buy their own white sand.

    but i agree with you 100%: there are some things that are better left the way nature intended. which is why i haven’t plucked by eyebrows to this day.

  5. yung tanong na lang ang sasagutin ko…siguro dun na ako sa limited freedom with censorship pero maunlad but honestly i still prefer to stay than to leave lalo na ngayon….:)

    lumalabas ang katakawan natin ah basta peborit ay talagang napapadami ang kain kaya kung minsan di namamalayan ay nauubos na pala pero at least natirahan mo pa rin siya kahit gustong gusto mo na rin kainin ang natitira. ingat igan…till next time.

  6. i believe that there is no such thing as limited freedom. kaya nga freedom diba? its being free to do whatever 🙂 parang yung libre na toy sa every happy meal. mas prefer ko na yung medyo naghihirap, dahil at least makikita mo yung mga options mo para umasenso at given unlimited resources, one can make things work(sad lang because sa pinas, nauubos ang ating resources at napupunta sa bulsa ng mga politiko). question: do singaporeans like the kind of government they have? or marami din bang gustong maging democratic country sila? please enlighten me dahil i have no idea how an ordinary singaporean feels. Thanks 🙂

  7. hirap tanung mo ah…

    Hmm, how about midway?

    Kaya naman natin yun eh,what we need is a leader na me me kamay na bakal in velvet. (hehe).

    Look at Marikina, ang ganda ng ginawa ni Bayani Fernando duon. We can do that naman siguro in a bigger scale. I watched him in an interview and sabi nya, pwede daw nating gawing model ang sinagapore or Japan. That man has guts. Siya na lang kaya maging presidente natin? 🙂 We need a disciplinarian to straighten us out.

    Pero di pa ata mangyayari yun, madami ang binabanungot sa salitang “martial law”.


    Mr. Batjay, Year of the Horse po ako, mahilig akong tumoma ng redhorse at colt nung college, at naninipa ako ng bastos, hence.. Pegasus…


  8. Ayun, kumabit din. Kangina ko pa gustong mag-comment, parati kong nade-deny.

    Medyo seryoso tayo ngayon a. nakakahiyang magpost ng pabalbal.

    I will have to qualify my response. Allow me to use our country as my model. In the state that we are in right now, I have to go for a limited freedom. i believe that one of our pitfalls as a people is our lack of discipline. We know this but aren’t doing anything about it. it maybe due to poverty and lack of education na rin. But then to merely accept that fact is a defeatist attitude. Pwede namang i-train ang tao e.

    After we succeed utilizing the limited freedom approach, then we slowly give the people their freedom back. Unti-unti. Parang training talaga. Omce we imbibe and live the discipline we’ve learned, then it becomes natural to us. Maybe that’s what the new PM has in mind. The question is will the people be ready? Or will it be like all hell breaking loose like animals let loose from a cage. It’s all about finding the perfect timing. Our advantage is that we have Singapore to watch.

    There! What do you think?

  9. naku tito rolly! kahit di mo ako kilala, AMEN ako sa sagot mo. bow! 🙂

    of course, “grass is always greener.” pag limited ang freedom, we want more. pag magulo, we want peace (sympre) and kapag masyadong orderly, we want (a bit) of chaos. haay, tao talaga, wala tayong contentment.

    at napaka ideal na nga mangyari yung sinabi ni tito rolly.

    baka mapahaba na naman ang post ko kaya i’ll stop here. 🙂 sarap ng mangosteen ano? makabili nga this weekend. rgds kay jet! 😉

  10. hahahaha. youneverfeyltomedmelap. masarap ba ang pagkain dyan sa singapore, siguro kasi mahal at kasama mo pa ang mahal mo na si ate Jet . Nakakatuwa ang mga artiks mo (art nga hahhahahahha), ganyan pala maging kewl at magpakakewl sa buhay.

  11. Mahal yung hawker centers dyan pero masarap pare…

    Yung hainanese chicken nila na mabibili sa lahat ng foodcourt ang paborito ko… mamamatay ka lang sa MSG 😀

    btw- linked u up hehe

  12. haydee – salamat sa comment. yan ang gusto ko, medyo idealistic na opinion. jaded na kasi kaming mga matatanda. naubos na ng panahon ang idealism o naibaon na sa baol dahil kailangan kumita para sa pamilya.

    ano bang feeling ng typical singaporean? sa mga nakakausap ko hati – yung iba nasasakal pero yung iba ok lang sa kanila ang limited freedoms. yung iba kasi, walang ibang alam na sistema kungdi yung nakagisnan nila rito. yung iba naman ay walang idea how much good they have here. reklami pa rin ng reklamo, di nila alam sa ibang bansa maraming nagugutom at naghihirap.

  13. hmmm… tito rolly, tin-tin at pegasus. maganda yang iminungkahi ninyong idea. limited personal freedom sa pilipinas in exchange for an ordered society. nagsasawa na kayo sa mga di maganda sa bansa natin ano? marami nga akong naririnig na mga mungkahi na ganyan ang mga balak nila. kaya lang nininerbyos ako doon sa execution.

    dito sa singapore – medyo bumibitaw na sila sa mga ibang personal freedoms. things like films, plays and that sort of stuff. pero sa mga dissenting opinion. hahaha – that is another matter.

  14. hi soloflite.

    kung taga rito ka, di naman kamahalan. impak – yung chicken rice eh around 75 pesoses. compare mo sa value meal na around 200 pesoses. medyo nagtatanggal na rin sila ngayon ng MSG rito.

    salamat sa comment at sa paglink.

  15. Ako naman feeling ko hindi naman truly “democratic” ang Pilipinas. We’re dictated upon by a corrupt system. Simpleng bagay lang na magparehistro ng kotse e kailangan mo magpaapi sa mga diktador na LTO na pinapowertrip ka para lagyan mo sila. Ang anak mo na rape hindi naman gagalaw ang pulis unless pansinin ka ng TV Patrol. If freedom means the freedom to gain justice for yourself, the freedom to live decently, than I can say our “freedom” is limited as well.

    BTW ayos talaga itong post na ito.

  16. hi bang and blame.

    well yes, the other way to describe “freedom” is the ability to do whatever you can do with the resources that you have. in singapore, the people generally have more resources than the average pinoy in the philippines. if you define freedom in this context then the singaporeans have more resources to buy their “freedom”.

  17. salamat sa pagsagot ng aking tanong. idealistic ba ang dating ko? 🙂 feeling ko lang kasi sobrang sanay na tayong mga pinoy sa hirap, minsan we just want to stay where we are dahil takot tayo na lumabas sa ating comfort zone. nasobrahan na yata tayo sa pagtitiyaga sa kung anong meron, minsan wala ng will to move forward. i think that’s true with some filipinos back home. lalo na yung mga hindi nakatapos ng pag-aaral. parang hopeless case na kasi. ano nga naman ang gagawin mo dun kung di ka nakapag-araL?
    accdg to your answer, i find that singaporeans and most americans here in the US are very much alike. di nila alam or nararamdaman ang paghihirap ng ibang bansa. sobrang ganda ng mga benefits nila dito, they keep asking for more from their government. swerte nila dahil mayaman ang mga bansa nila, may corrupt officials man, enough pa rin ang resources to keep them happy. pero marami ding homeless dito. di ko nga rin maisip kung bakit.

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