june, she changed her tune.
july, she will fly.
august, die she must.
september, i remember.

october… um, october? hanggang september lang ang kantang “april come she will” ni paul simon, pano ba yan? ah basta.

november, araw ng patay.
december, pasko.
january, bagong taon.

8 months! packingsheet, 8 months na akong hindi naninigarillo. major milestone baby. and in honor of this day, i played the live version of led zeppelin‘s “Dazed And Confused” in my iPod while cycling to work. i swear to god, humaba ang buhok ko ng 2 inches by the time i got to the office. naghihintay na rin nga ako kung may sisigaw ng “sindihan na yan“.


  1. pareng batjay,

    lampano alley will be in singapore on march 13-15 to perform at the mosaic international music festival at the esplanade theaters on the bay.

    check the mosaic link on http://www.esplanade.com.

    incidentally, yellow brick road’s been ringing in my head for the last week.

    “… maybe you can get a replacement
    there’s plenty of me to be found
    mongrels who ain’t got a penny
    sniffing for tidbits like you on the ground…”

    sounds like a letter of resignation for something i can’t put my finger on.


  2. IDOL!

    wow – binky lampano in singapore. how cool is that? i’ll make sure that the nights of march 13-15 are free so we can watch you guys. i haven’t seen you play in years and i am looking forward. actually, i won’t miss it for the world. MAN oh MAN!

    BTW – the song lines that’s been playing inside my head is this:

    “Four in the morning
    Crapped out
    Longing my life away
    I’ll never worry
    Why should I?
    It’s all gonna fade”

    cheers mate. see you in march.

  3. congratulations! that’s a great accomplishment. yung husband ko, 4 weeks nang smoke-free, i’m so proud of him. kahit medyo crabby siya, pinagpapasensiyahan ko na. i hear quitting smoking is way harder than quitting drinking. keep it up!

  4. uy, ok yan kung blues! search ko sa web kung may downloadable syang music. tara, nood tayo ulit lahat ng concert!

    congrats nga pala sa 8 monthsary mo of being nicotine-free!

  5. one sure-fire way to quit smoking (for me anyway) is to discover that you’re pregnant. that is, kung girl ka. kung boy ka naman, to discover that your wife is pregnant. secondhand smoke will hurt the baby and all that so you quit a hora mismo, no tears and no hearts breaking, no remorse.

    uhm, you’re single? magyosi ka nalang, afford mo pa naman eh 😀

  6. I met my old lover
    on the street last night
    She seems so glad to see me
    I just smiled.

    Still crazy after all thes years!!!

    Katatapos ko lang panoorin uli sa VCD nung pamangkin ko yung The Song remains the Same. Humaba din yung buhok ko by a mile, considering na naubos na siya. hehe

    This post brought back a lot of memories.

  7. ang galing tito rolly ano, how song lyrics can bring you back in time. yang “still crazy…” nababaliw ako pag naririnig ko. maraming mga magangandang ala-ala ang kanyang yan.

    nakita ko na ang “song remains the same” na DVD one time in indonesia kung bakit di ko pa binili. ngayon nasisisi ako. that together with “the last waltz” are still the best concert films i’ve watched. siguro dahil sa nostalgic value.

    excited pa rin ako pag nakikita kong ginagawang violin ni jimmy page ang guitara niya. kinikilabutan pa rin ako pag naririnig ko ang intro ng stairway to heaven.

  8. wow!! congrats!! tsong batjay!!! pero mas na struck ako sa post ni jet…sobrang sweet….. to the max… ewan ko ba kahit sipmleng message lang na yun nakaramadam ako ng LOVE!!! yihhhhhiiiiii

  9. dati pag na ‘sindihan na yan …’, sindi kaagad! sabay tawa. o kain. those were the days 🙂
    * grins and shakes head in remembrance*

    batjay good for you, 8 months na. tuloy tuloy na yan.

    tito rolly pareho tayo, kahapon pinapanood ng mga anak ko ang ‘the song remains the same’. ang kulet!!!

  10. hello vee. salamat sa pagbalik. triple heart bypass and he still smokes? hmm… matigas ang ulo niya at dapat batukan. ingat rin sa iyo. anong batch ka nga pala sa notre? when i was there puro bading pa lang ang mga babae sa amin eh.

  11. misispi… pinapanood ng mga anak mo ang “song remains the same”? WOW – that’s really cool.

    ano ang sinasabi nila pag narinig nila si robert plant na nagsabi ng “this is a song of hope”.

  12. hi batjay!

    wow — 8 months! that’s quite an accomplishment. congratulations!

    i just celebrated being nicotine and caffeine free for 31 days yesterday. ang hirap, pero kinakaya naman.

  13. one month. not bad. that’s the worst time – the early stages dahil you’re weaning yourself out of teh addiction. it was tough for me. but it’s good that i’m here in singapore. wala yung mga triggers that make me smoke – alcohol, parties, etc. good luck – sana magtagumpay tayo. hehehe.

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