Q: what have i finished reading?
A: really old comic books

“Ronin” by frank miller. its release (20 years ago) was a graphic novel milestone. probably where some ideas on the matrix story came from, i’m not sure.

“Preacher: Gone to Texas” by garth ennis and steve dillon. hmmm… kung tatanungin mo sa akin kung may patayan dito sa comics na ito. hehehe… mayron. marami. definitely for mature readers only. it’s gory, it’s bloody, it’s violent, it’s really good. click the links above and read the reviews, tinatamad akong mag kwento eh.

and so, last weekend, in between taking naps and sleeping, i finished these two comic books. antonia came over last sunday afternoon for lunch. but other than than that, jet (bless her), just let me rest for the whole two days. one moment i’m watching tv, the next moment, it’s already 1 AM and i missed “ocean’s 11” and “six feet under” (that’s 4 hours i spent in front of the tv without really watching. dang). tapos, in that state between waking up and sleeping, i read the comic books. this is the way to read, when you’re in dreamland but already awake (or vice versa: you’re awake but still asleep). somehow, the stories seem more vivid.

i used to do this a lot when i was watching the mangga classic “ghost in the shell” on DVD. i come home from work and am very tired, switch on the DVD and let the cartoon put me to sleep. galing. next day, i do it again, and agan… until i eventually finished the damn anime. isa pa itong movie na ito na nag influence ng matrix story.

what i’m (still) currently reading:
a cook’s tour by tony bourdain

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