life in singapore has been ok. its been a good, almost, three months already. i’m having a great time here and i’ve almost lost the “praning” feeling of always looking behind your back, wary that somebody will mug you. it’s a defense mechanism that is triggered in almost every place i visit except here. somehow it took a load off my back – there’s no non-work related stress and its made me happier. i just miss home a lot and i miss my family and friends terribly (can’t have everything, buster!). the good thing though about my job is that i still get to travel, albeit (hehehe..what a word), on a larger scale – asia pacific.

i’ve gotten into a routine already of going to work, being at work and coming home. somehow it has offset the “meloncholy and the infinite sadness” (hehehe…quoted from the title of one of the best records of the smashing pumpkins).

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