Tapsilog Blues

sana may makaimbento ng tapsilog na nakakapag-papayat. yun bang habang paparami ng paparami ang kinakain mong tapsilog, pababa naman ng pababa ang timbang mo. nagsasawa na ako sa bwakanginang cereal eh. kailangan ko ng karne, itlog na sunny side at kaning may bawang sa umaga.

3 thoughts on “Tapsilog Blues

  1. I don’t give a shit if I die tomorrow eating tapsilog as long as I’m happy. We will all die anyway one way or the other. After 3 million years, who gives a shit if one lives 1 day, 20 years or 150 years. I’d rather live my life to the fullest in 33 years than live a long miserable life for 100 plus years. I’m not saying that don’t live a healthy life… I’m only saying that live a happy life. If a healthy lifestyle can make you happy… more power to you… but if that lifestyle makes you unhappy… fuck it!!!!!

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