…”di-dit-ditdididit-di-dit-ditdididit” (sound epeks na morse code na ginagamit sa radio news)…TIME CHECK…ang oras sa buong kapuluan: limang minuto, makaraan ang truck ng basura. Ang oras ay hatid sa inyo ng “Birch Tree Holland Powder Milk, Ang Gatas ng Dalagang Ina!”… ding-dong (sound epeks ng time check)…

Tatlong Good News:

  1. The US removed Singapore from the Travel Advisory List issued by the US CDC
  2. The SARS All Clear will be given by the Singapore Government in 10 days time
  3. I’m still Hungry and Handsome

Total Number of Cases: 204

Discharged: 149
Hospitalised: 28
Intensive Care:13
Suspected: 12
Under home quarantine: 952
Last update: Monday, May 5

Source: Ministry of Health

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