Q: where are you from?

A: the philippines.

Q: where’s that?

A: in asia

Q: is that near turkey?

A: you’re talking about asia minor.

Q: A Minor?

A: that’s a chord.

Q: Accord?

A: that’s a japanese car.

Q: so, the philippines is near japan?

A: exactly.


  1. Ang galing mo, KB! It doesn’t matter how clueless the person you’re talking to is — eventually you’ll lead him to the truth. 🙂 Maraming tao dapat kausapin mo yata ah…

  2. hehehe, galing naman ng answers..and hey, on summer vacation pa ang most of europe, so be patient. ako nga, nasa office na pero parang vacation pa rin hehehe..

  3. bwaghahaha!okay ito–ang stream of thought ay illogical enough to be coherent at the end of it. teka-parang paradox yata yon ah! anyway ang pinas or anything that is happening around there is a paradox. how can you be honest kung meron kang legacy ng corruption that is so well entrenched?it’s like asking your assigned security detail to perform an execution–with you being the target.

  4. nagtagpo din ang tama in the end, ano? Okay ah. Sabagay sabi nga ng matatanda, there are several ways to skin a cat.

    Teka, bakit nga ba me ganung kasabihan? Hindi naman ginagawang kilawin ang pusa at hindi rin naman ginagawang bag.

  5. di ba dapat ang complete na kasabihan ng mga matatanda ay: “there are several ways to skin a cat to make siopao”

    Boss DengCX!!! yan ang isang gusto ko sa mga pinoy minsan – we make sense through our illogical thoughts and words.

    pinaalala mo ang legacy of corruption – yan isa sigurong dahilan kung bakit ako nasa labas ng pilipinas.

  6. legacy of corruption… eve of destruction, poetic drama ang dating no?

    Ang totoo nyan nakikibasa lang ako dito tapos biglang tumugtog yung kanta ni Barry McGuire (hindi Jerry ha? at hindi din Manilow… hehehe) 😀

  7. The eastern world, it is exploding
    Violence flarin, bullets loadin
    Youre old enough to kill, but not for votin
    You dont believe in war, but whats that gun youre totin
    And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin

    But you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you dont believe
    Were on the eve
    of destruction.

    i love this song.

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