For the past 3 days, since coming back from China, ang lunch ko ay ang mga sumusunod:

1. Monday: Nasi Bryani with Fried Chicken
2. Tuesday: Chicken Curry with white rice
3. Wednesday: Nasi Bryani with Chicken Curry.

Nakita nyo bang pattern? Hehehe. Nakita nyo ba ang tendencies? Napansin nyo ba na mahilig ako sa Nasi Bryani with Chicken Curry? One of the best can be found near Bedok, 10 minutes or so away from our office in Changi… great thick rich and flavorful curry sauce, soft and tender chicken, yellow bryani rice with anis seeds. Sarap nito man.

Nasi Bryani Chicken together with Chicken Rice, Curry Fish Head, Pepper Crabs, Katong Laksa at Katong Yang Tau Foo. Yan ang mga mami-miss kong pagkain kung sakaling umalis na kami rito sa Singapore.

Buti na lang masarap ang adobo ni Jet. At least, kahit saan man kami mapunta ay mayrong “to die for” na pagkaing pinoy na parating available sa bahay.

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