yung editorial ng inquirer kahapon talks about “A top notcher in the recent medical board exams (magna cum laude pa), who decided to be nurse for the money” . sabi nila doon sellout daw ito.

Sellout? PUTANGINA, anong sellout dito? marami akong kaibigang doctor ang nag-aaral ngayon maging nurse para makapunta sa america. some already are nurses, have taken the exams and are now waiting for the telephone call that will tell them it’s time to go. these are the best and the brightest doctors i know. gusto lang naman nila kasing magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ang mga pamilya nila. here’s the choice – earn $60,000 a year (that’s 3.3+ million pesos depende sa exchange rate) as a nurse in exchange for the stethoscope, white lab coat, shirt and tie and a residency in a 1st class philippine hospital where you’ll get, at the very best: 200,000 pesos a year.

di ako doctor, at saka magna con yelo lang ako (dati, zuma cum galema. hehe). but i also opted to leave the philippines, albeit with a heavy heart, and yes, with a feeling that i was selling out. anong magagawa ko, i needed the money. pagod na rin akong maging marionette, dancing on the string held by my boss’ hand. always praying that his generosity would translate into a bonus i could use to pay the bills.

i’m 38 years old. i need to think about my future and the survival of my family. kung sellout ito, so be it. at least hindi ako magnanakaw.

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