Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

gumagawa si jet ng maikling bio para sa PINOYEXPATS ni melissa. medyo complicated pala ito. ano ba ang dapat ilagay na qualifications sa bio to describe yourself in the shortest possible way? ang identification mo ba as a person ay dictated ng career? hobbies? pamilya? kung pag-iispan mong talaga, very interesting pala ang thought process involved sa pag-gawa nito. kung ako ang gagawa ng bio, eto ang isusulat ko:

jay has been a systems engineer all his life but all he ever wanted was to become a shepherd or a lighthouse keeper. he is left handed and is partially color blind. his wife jet adores him so much because he is good looking and doesn’t spill his food when he eats… most of the time. he loves to take a bath although there are times when he forgets to brush his teeth. he is always sleepy but sometimes he is hungry.

jet has gone from nursing patients with heart ailments to managing a value-added telco service sales team, Now she’s a stay-at-home wife to her husband, jay, in singapore. asked how she would describe the twists and turns of her career track in one word, she calls it progress. jay loves jet so much because she is loving, caring and has a very hearty laugh that could be heard miles away. she also loves his corny jokes and doesn’t flinch when he farts, even if he farts under the covers.

even after 13 years of marriage, jay and jet still have a great sex life, much to the discomfort of their neighbors.

22 thoughts on “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

  1. wahahahahaha

    don’t tell me, you guys scream like Michael Jackson, make noises like cats in heat… and claw walls and bang drawers and throw vases and brooms about while doing it šŸ˜€

  2. Better than porn ka daw, idol BatJay, at nakakaawa daw si Jet sa pagbuga ng “exhaust system” mo. Hahahahaha! At kung si Cath ang tatanungin, di ka lang outside the kulambo, outside the room ka na daw. Hahahahaha! šŸ™‚

    But I know TRUE LOVE for each other resides in both your hearts, so all of the above are not really problems, right? šŸ™‚ They are mostly the spices that gets you two going through the years.

  3. Natawa ko dun sa reason why Jet loves you, mala autistic ang dating mo dun kasi e. Imagine, “doesn’t spill his food when he eats…” Parang, uy, very good, autistic child.

    Oo nga, yung sabi ni delish, yun din ang iniisip ko e. Ganda rin ng sagot ni Jet, ha. šŸ™‚

  4. “He is always sleepy but sometimes he is hungry.” How very like your perskasin, pero si Lorenzo, ALWAYS hungry!

    More similarities: the loud, hearty laugh, the corny jokes, and the propensity for farting, regardless of proximity to sheets!

    And of course, the “good-looking” part goes without saying! Mga Sereno nga kayo, and Jet and I are two lucky girls! šŸ˜‰

  5. hi prada mama perskasin.

    ngyehehe… mga ututin talaga ang mga sereno. di bale cute naman kami at saka punong puno ng sense of humor. kamusta na kayo diyan? paki hi na lang kay don lorenzo and the kids.

    we’re flying to manila tomorrow.


  6. hi melissa.

    kaya nga siya maamo sa akin ay dahil naamoy niya parati ang utot ko. yan ang secret. kaya kung gusto mong maging mas sweet kayo ni j, ganito ang gawin mo:

    1. kain ka ng kamote o kaya beans
    2. hintayin mo muna siyang makatulog
    3. magtalukbong kayo ng kumot
    4. utot

    siguraduhin mo lang na hindi UST

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