next week nasa india na naman ako. yung mga officemates ko, ayaw magpunta doon kasi mabahu raw, marumi, maraming mahirap, ibang tsibog. ako naman eh, how shall i say it, “trabaho lang pare, walang personalan”. for me, you take both the good and the bad. india is really different – so alien, so beautiful and ugly at the same time. it’s in your face. and, in that way, i kind of like it.

the last time i was there, we went to taj mahal on an unexpected day off where my boss and i suddnly became accidental tourists. on a 45 deg. c day, there we were under the heat of the @#$$@$% sun but enjoying every minute of it. that in a nutshell is my indian experience and i am probably going to relive it once more next week.

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