Rolling down that hill into the night

Maybe the hardest thing I’ve ever done
Was to walk away from you
Leaving behind the life that we’d begun
I split myself in two
Proud and alone, cold as a stone
Rolling down that hill into the night
I could see the surprise and the hurt in your eyes
From behind each flashing city light
Love needs a heart and I need to find
If loves needs a heart like mine

Love won’t come near me, she don’t even hear me
She walks past my vacancy sign
Love needs a heart, trusting and blind
I wish that heart was mine

“love needs a heart” from the 80’s classic “running on empty” CD of jackson browne. dedicated to the recently loveless, mga SMAP (samahan ng mga malalamig ang pasko), at mga kasalukunyang nag-iisa, saan man kayo sa mundo ngayon. this is probably in my top five records to bring if i’m stranded on a desert island (medyo high-fidelityish. have you read the book or seen the movie?).

the other four are:

the beatles, white album
carol king, tapestry
pink floyd, dark side of the moon
eric clapton, unplugged

malakas ang appeal sa akin ng plakang ito. siguro dahil ginawa ito while jackson browne was on the road. para sa isang byaherong tulad ko, i can identify with the stories he mentions in the songs… the moving from town to town so much that all the places and the faces all begin to look the same.

everytime na kainuman ko ang mga kaibigan ko sa bahay namin sa antipolo ay pinapatugtog ko ang “running on empty” CD. from the first song to the last, we all sing the lyrics. hehehe… siguro isip ng mga kapit-bahay ko, eto na naman ang grupo nga mga luko-luko at nag-iingay na naman. i first heard this record when i was in high school. i bought it as a tape (18 pesos), then record (25 pesos – remember those black round things?) and then finally – CD (450 pesos).

i can even remember the day i got the CD. it was in hong kong and i was there for a two week training. it was a cold and wet march afternoon in 1994 and i was walking along nathan road. there it was in a small record shop, the “running on empty” CD. nakabungad sa harap ng tindahan and just waiting for me to cross the seas and buy it… i did, and it’s the same CD i play again and again when i’m with friends. i used to play it a lot in my car stereo in manila, especially when i’m coming home from a long day at work and it’s a slightly rainy evening. i have it here in singapore and i’m playing it right now.

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