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  1. Hi Jay – musta na bro! Naalala mo pa ba kami ni Rolly? Kami yung kasama mo sa Blessed Sacrament Youth Community in Talipapa, Novaliches noong mga teenagers pa lang tayo. I guess the last time we saw each other was in the early ’90s before we immigrated to Canada. We are so glad to see that you are doing well & still looking pogi! Do you still remember Lorie, Tez, Amabel, Avic, Karen & Winnie (our former BSYC friends)? We are all in touch through Facebook and we are planning to hold a BSYC reunion in 2013 in time for the group’s 30th year anniversary. We hope you & your wife could come back home & join us as we do miss your beautiful baritone voice! Reply ka naman sa akin ha? Thanks! – Chrys

  2. Jayjay…. hello friend.. how are you..chat mo naman ako sa email add ko .. may reunion tayo nila Chrys and the group sa 2013.. i’ll wait for your message.. bye… Beck

  3. “ang sarap namang pagmasdan ang larawan ng halaman at unti-unting alalahahanin ang ala-ala ng nakaraan” ang ganda naman… sana kami ay isa sa mga ala-alang di mo nakalimutan..wow! grabe ang lalim.. ang ganda ng mga write ups mo tsong di mo kami nami-miss? nagikita-kita kami through facebook kaya sana join ka sa amin..

  4. Hi Jay – Good to see you here, thanks to Chrys, Kumusta na? I hope you still remember me/us from BSYC? me and my husband migrated here in Australia 1992, 2 years after our wedding, whereabouts are you in California? we been there two years ago for 25 days, sayang sana nakita ka namin to say hello to you and your wife…Yes, finally i will be able to reconnect with BSYC via FB and were planning to have a grand reunion sa Dec 2013, we hope to see you and your wife in person after 20 years ..looking forward for your reply Bro .. Tez

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