maraming nangyari sa amin ni jet itong nakaraang buwan. punong puno nga ng actiivities, parang pelikula ni dolphy – may kantahan, may sayawan, may iyakan, may suntukan at siyempre – may tawanan.

una lipad akong orlando for a work related conference – hassle and long delays at the us airports. this is ok and much anticipated. what i didn’t like was the almost look of panic in the eyes of the people at the airline counters (well, not all of them). there we were: asians from malaysia, singapore and the philippines showing our passports to the person at the counter. once she sees where we are from, there’s a look of panic in her eyes, a bit of agitated movement in the way she carries herself, a slight tremble in her voice. all very subtle, but, if you connect all of it – it is fear. fear for us, i guess. foreigners with strange accents from countries where terrorists live. i don’t blame her but i don’t like it one bit. i hate to be in a muslim’s shoes at this point. i guess for them, being profiled is a regular occurence. sayang, nakakainis and too bad for humanity.

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