maganda ang city planning ng singapore, especially in the new blocks at pasir ris – they made sure that all the facilities are near the living areas: markets, malls, restaurants, parks, resorts, bus and train stations, hospitals, police, etc. if you play the computer game called “simcity”, you now that you get high points for this kind of strategy. in pasir ris where we live, talagang magandang tumira.

one thing good as well is that we are near the changi airport. it’s cheaper to ride a cab going there. dati, i pay $20 every trip. now it’s only around $7. we are also near the seaport that isi the jump-off point to the nearby resorts of indonesia.

the reason for this move to the east is because the company i work for has moved from the west to the east. we are now based in changi business park – a five minute walk from the expo mrt station. the building is brand new, really nice looking and we have all the state of the art equipment.

from our flat, i ride a feeder bus to the pasir ris mrt station. from there is a short trip to tanah mera mrt station by train. transfer to another train going changi airport. i get off at the expo mrt and walk to the office. all in all, it is a 45 minute trip. 15 minutes to wait for the bus. 15 minutes to wait for the train, 5 miniutes to walk and 10 minutes of actual travel. hehehe… if i had a car, it is only a 5 minute drive from home to work.

kaso, i don’t own a car. cars in singapore are really expensive. like for instance, a toyota corolla 1.6 liter car would cost around S$100,000 – this is around 2.9 million pesos. with this amount i can probably buy 4 cars in manila.

anyway, i like to commute. it’s so convenient and easy, there’s no traffic (well, not that much) and the singaporean mass transportation system works. pero, siyempre – sosy ka pa rin kung may kotse dito. hehehe… dream on.

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