lumipat na rin kami ng bahay. from the west coast of singapore, we moved to the other end – pasir ris, at the east coast of the island. pasir ris is a lot better than west coast avenue. for one, it is more quiet. wala na yung ingay ng mga bus at motorsiklo na naririnig namin dati. it is much cleaner than our already clean surroundings over at Block 701.

our flat is bigger – we have a five room flat (too big for jet and i). but we only rented two. yung may-ari ng bahay is a co-worker who was permanently assigned in china. ayaw niyang ipa-rent sa iba, so, in a win-win situation – he rented his flat to us really cheap. he gets a monthly payment from us and in return, jet and i take care of his home. fully furnished with really good furniture at air-conditioned (di pwedeng hindi dahil pawis-singit ng init dito sa singapore), really big and clean. we have cable and internet connection. we got promoted – mataas na ang position namin: dati third floor lang kami, ngayon fifth floor na!

besides our block is a school, at the back is a mosque. there are feeder buses that link our block to the outside world. pasir ris is also a biker’s paradise. there are dedicated bike lanes and a lot of parks to cycle. there are also many places to walk and jog. we are near the beaches of the east coast – so once in a while we have picnics at the island’s eastern shore. the quality of the beaches at singapore are really not that good, being a harbor island (or is it island harbor?) anyway singapore is an island full of harbors – really good and deep ones, which make it a good port but not good for beach resorts. i digress.

so jet and i moved from the west coast to pasir ris. we hired a van to move all the stuff we’ve accumulated for the one year that we’ve lived in this country. quite a lot already… when i moved in august 2001, all i had was a suitcase full of clothes and one bag of supplies. when we moved to pasir ris, we had a shelf full of books, a table and chair, tv/dvd, pc, kitchen ware, many pairs of shoes and a lot of clothes. hehehe… philosopy ko kasi, since nagpapa-alipin ako rito as an OFW, eh di enjoy na rin ang lifestyle that singapore offers. siyempre, di naman kami gastador. we just want to live comfortably while working our butts out. life is short, baby.

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