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  1. i don’t think there’s no such thing as fil-ams. Technically Filipinos who find living in America for good were already American. They have been inclined to the American culture. Based from experience, they find hard to catch up with Filipino way of thinking, eating, living, playing or even joking. They won’t even comprehend to Filipino texting. They get irritated with txt msgs. Especially when you talk to them in that 4mat. Practically they find it hard to laugh on Filipino jokes. But of course I consider them since they can’t watch tv shows other than TFC. Lastly, they get offended when True Filipinos (the ones living in the Philippines) give comments on their increasing weight and higher hairline.

      • Very true indeed!

        tanong ko lang kay james: How about Filipinos living in the Philippines who speak English as a first language, Ilokano as second, and Tagalog only as third? I have relatives like that.

        Although they’ve been all over the globe, have appropriated the daily customs of the west in their daily life, and cannot stand most contemporary ‘bakya’ practices of Filipiniana, they are Filipinos through and through. They are very vocal and very proud of being Filipino, wouldn’t trade living anywhere else, and most of all, always elevate family as well as the nation above all else in their daily business.

        Porke ba’t hindi na nila kayang i-appreciate yung contemporary pop-culture sa Pilipinas hindi na sila Pinoy?

  2. bosing nag titimpi akong makipag away kay james. hablutin mo buhok ko at awatin. haha.

    anyways…so much issues with they hyphenation. dati i get deep into it. pero ngayon, it’s all just a hyphen to me, natingmor-natingles. kung me nag tanong sa akin kung fil-am ako, most likely ang reply ko “i am imelda.”

    pahabol: at sa mga taong nag ta tetext-type kahit hindi naman numeric pad ang gamit, me tawag dyan….

    • BWAHAHAHAHA. oo nga, eh baka gusto lang mang good time, huwag mo na lang patulan. musta na pre? tagal na nating di nagkita. paramdam ka naman pag narito ka sa socal.

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