na miss ko yung barkada ko. they’ve been more than friends to me – they’re my brothers, really. we’ve been classmates since kindergarten, all through elementary and high school in an all boys school somewhere in Kalookan City. We’ve kept in touch since then and see each other at least once a month. We have out own e-group and we exchange e-mail with the ones that are abroad (like me!). We’ve been kumpare’s many times over to many inaanaks, sometimes do business together, most of the time, we just hang out and visit the different drinking places in QC, mostly we meet at Pepetons where the beer is cheap and the pulutan is excellent…sisig, pusit, tuna belly, tokwa, sizzling bulalo, krispy ulo ng baboy (anong tawag nila doon? hmmmm……teka let me remember…. ahhhh KapalMuks!) hehehe.

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