If horse racing is the sport of kings, then drag racing must be the sport of queens

BATJAY: ano ang tawag sa pekpek ng mga lalaking nagpa sex change operation?
BATJAY: mangina
GENTLE READER: eh paano kung hindi siya naliligo?
BATJAY: marami siyang kupal
GENTLE READER: ano ang tawag doon
BATJAY: smegmatic man-gina

16 thoughts on “If horse racing is the sport of kings, then drag racing must be the sport of queens

  1. di ko alam kung masyadong lo-bat ako ngayon at di ko ma-gets ang “mangina” na yan…

    (after reading your reply to dr. emer) ahh now i get it.. Man-G-nah (man-jay-nah).. oo nga noh, hina ng pick up ko ngayon ah hehehehhehe

    good afternoon sir!

  2. that took a whole lot for me to get… hehehe

    oh btw, do you know that Ma Mon Luk Restaurant here in downtown L.A.? we ate there and I immediately remembe seeing their name here in your website…they served amazingly great food.

  3. MANgina = VAgina ng X-men.

    i didn’t even know that they had a ma mon luk branch in LA. but the restaurant itself was a regular fixture of my childhood. we used to eat there before watching a movie. of course we ordered their special mami ang siopaw (meow!). it was ma mon luk (the owner) who actually invented mami. ma=his name, mee=the name of the noodle. if you want to read more about ma mon luk the man and the restaurant that he built, you can check out this link.


  4. Uy, sooner or later, baka ma-adapt yan ng english language. I can say that the word was coined by a friend. Sikat!!! Gamitin natin parati pareho nung smegmatic…. MAngina…mangina…mangina…

  5. hello again g.

    i saw the links. looks interesting. pati yung pinoy spaghetti na feature din – sweet spaghetti with hotdog! how exotic would that be to the average american. sa atin, it’s just standard fare. they should also point out that pinoy spaghetti is mostly banana catsup. mwahaha. i noticed though, chinese food in the US doesn’t taste like the authentic ones we have here. i guess, they have to “americanize” it a bit so people would like it. pero i am sure, sa mga local china town ay maraming mabibiling true blue chinese noodles.

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