i just got back from a 2 week swing that brought me to china and indonesia. back in singapore and trying to rest my tired bones. when i was in indonesia – i jumped from jakarta to surabaya back to jakarta then home to singapore. mahirap talagang maging biyahero. hehehe…

i got a few souvenirs… a bust of a java princess and three masks. additional pieces to a growing number of “artifacts” from my travels. i have a luck wooden frog from thailand that croaks when you drum its scales…bone sculptures from china… and three ganesh statues from india. anesh of course is the cute and beloved hindu god with the head of an elephant. ganesh holding a book is installed in our book case, a ganesh na nakahiga at ang favorite ko – ganesh na sandal wood piece that we have in front of our pc.

note: Ganesh or Ganapati is “The Lord who removes obstacles” and “the Lord who grants success” – for more info, go to…

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