TOPLESS SI BATJAY PERO DI KITA ANG UTONG. CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE SABI SA BALITA: “may fine daw na P500 pag nakita kang shirtless in public sa metro manila“. sabi ni MMDA chairman bayani fernando: “sign of decay in moral and cultural values” daw ito. decay in moral values? putangina, what is he trying to exit (in madertang: “ano ang gusto niyang palabasin”) by saying this? pero, patay tayo diyan pag na enforce ito, dahil ang hilig ko pa namang maglakad ng naka hubad sa mundong ibabaw. uuwi ako sa end of the month, kaya nag imbento ako ng damit na pwedeng isuot sa maynila para hindi makotongan mahuli. ayan, tingnan ninyo sa picture (click to enlarge). ang tawag ko riyan sa aking imbensyon ay “THE EMERGENCY SUPER DUPER PANTAKIP NG UTONG”. simple lang ang material – scotch tape at papel na dilaw. o, teka lang. huwag nyong masyadong tingnan yung boobs ko, baka ma arouse kayo niyan.


  1. *rolling on the floor laughing* grabe na talaga to. i love the “madertang” translations. priceless! you should patent your invention, kuya, para di victoria secret ang makinabang.

    i’ve seen “beaches” di ba best friends story yan? but i didn’t catch the “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder” thing.

  2. details gail, the fun is in the details. the song was sung by ceci (bette midler) in the scene where she was starring in a musical directed by her husband. in the scene, they were acting out the story about the origin of the bra. nakakatawa. rent the film again and pay attention. or, you can get the soundtrack and just listen to the song.

    mayron na akong version 2 ng aking imbensyon – i might blog about it next week. or maybe sooner. who knows. it depends on my whim. hehe.

  3. pang-playboy…ka-sexy mo naman, yari ka kay Jet.
    and naku, kawawa naman yung mga boys bawal alang t-shirt…pano kung may pambili nga ng t-shirt eh wala namang pambili ng salawal…bwahahaha
    susme! ka-aga-aga sa alemanya humahalakhak ako

  4. I agree with MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando. Walking around shirtless is a “sign of decay in moral and cultural values”, and therefore I support his program. Why? Precisely because of modesty. Modesty should be excercised even around other people; especially when around other people. It is then completely unnecessary and even unfit to judge such a program. This is not at all funny. If we all laugh at such a problem like this, and to such absurd “answers,” we are not doing anything but to contribute to this moral decay that is very apparent.

  5. dear concerned dan,

    thank you for your comment. i appreciate that you took the time to write down what you feel. i don’t agree with what you’re saying, and if i were a person whose morals have decayed, i’d probably say – “stick it where the sun don’t shine”. but i am not and i won’t. i think that you are nitpicking because you’re probobly bored or perhaps you really are a conservative person who has lost his sense of humor. that really is sad. ease up a bit.

    once again, thank you very much and have a great day!

    take care,

  6. I am very to disappoint you but what you have just wrote is an example of argumentum ad hominem (i.e. argument against the person). You seem to be missing the whole point here. Morality is objective, and therefore no one can bend it for his/her own good. And I believe that making fun of something, especially with connections to morality, is not at all humorous. If, for example, I make fun of your work, is that funny? I don’t think so. If I make fun of you because of what you believe in, is that a manifestation of my sense of humor? I don’t think so. “Making fun” of something is very much different from “sense of humor.” We can manifest our sense of humor in ways that cannot and will not offend others. I’m very sorry again to disappoint you but I DO have a sense of humor, and I am responsible for the manifestations of my sense of humor, for sense of humor should be used responsibly.
    I also believe that using the term ‘nitpicking’ is not at all applicable in this situation, because this is a serious matter, and not something that we can just brush away.

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