interesting news from singapore…

despite the recession and the 9-11 attacks, singaporeans spent $ 8 billion eating out last year, 1.8 billion meals prepared by the local cooks from over 18,000 food outlets – translated, each person in the island spent $ 2,000 buying food from mostly turo-turo stores. parang kami ni jet, hanggang ngayon take out pa rin dahil wala kaming kasangkapan sa pagluto… hehehe. mahilig talagang kumain ang nga taga rito – at masarap naman ang tsibog, ang ganda ng variety at ang bilis lutuin – malay, indian, chinese, western, thailand, indonesian, japanese, etc. etc. considering that the island is smaller than quezon city – $8B of take out is really huge. kaya pala naka BMW ang mga may-ari ng turo-turo dito.

malaysia wants to renegotiate its deal of supplying water to singapore… at the moment, all our water comes from mainland malaysia. singapore currently pays 3 cents per 100 gallons on a contract that extends till 2061. the malaysians want singapore to pay 60 cents per 100 gallons… and some malaysians are calling their government to shut down the gripo, if singapore does not negotiate. abangan…

taiwanese lady government official, chu mei-feng, caught having sex on film with her married boyfriend (45 minutes of video) is having a series of 9 concerts in singapore. but promotors will lose their $10,000 government bond if any portion of the concert relates to the sex video.

america performs in singapore! wow! naalala ko tuloy si alferez.

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