Filipino overseas workers given vote

BBC, 05 February 2003: Overseas workers could swing the next presidential vote. The final draft of a bill which will allow overseas Filipinos to vote in national elections, has been approved by the Philippine congress. The bill will enable an estimated 3.5 million overseas workers to vote in the 2004 presidential elections. It has been formally ratified today and will be signed into law by President Arroyo on Friday.Ano ibig sabihin nito? Simple lang: The more than 3 million overseas pinoys can now swing the vote in the Philippines. wow… kung walang dayaan, kaya nitong OFW block na ihalal ang susunod na presidente.

TANGNA, pwede na natin iboto si FPJ na “patilla ng masa”. pwede na nating lansagin ang tambalang guy ‘n pip. higit sa lahat, pwede na nating sibakin ang mga bastos na POEA employees sa NAIA counter.

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