Drink with me to days gone by, To the life that used to be

“A team from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain found each glass of red wine a day reduced the risk of lung cancer by 13% compared to non-drinkers.”

hmmm… interesting na balita. ano ang ibig sabihin nito? na pwede na ulit akong bumalik sa pag sigarillo as long as maging alcoholic ako. what’s next? bagong findings na nagsasabi na makakatanggal ng wrinkles ang pagkamot ng betlog. na gamot pala sa high blood ang pagkain ng chocnut. na nakakataba pala ang pag-inom ng tubig. aray. seriously, the only way to lower the risk of lung cancer is to stop smoking. period. incidentally: ngayon nga pala ang ika-limang buwan ng aking paghinto sa pag yosi. parang ang tagal na pala ano – truly, a life that used to be. a toast then: to past lives and brand new days. salud! cheers!


18 thoughts on “Drink with me to days gone by, To the life that used to be

  1. We make reasons for our passions and truths out of what we want to believe.

    That is no longer your truth mylab. You’re doing fine without it, so wag mo nang balikan.

  2. Hmmm, this is really great news. Imagine, a glass of red wine a day reduces the risk of cancer by 13%. You are the engineer, please do the math. How many bottles para maka 100% tayo. Sinabi ba kung anong pulutan ang dapat kasama?

  3. You just gave me an idea for a post! Regarding your question:

    “ano ang ibig sabihin nito? na pwede na ulit akong bumalik sa pag sigarillo as long as maging alcoholic ako?”

    Not necessarily. I’ve read the original study in full from the Thorax journal and it used the Odds Ratio (OR) as the statistical way of measuring. I’m always at odds with the OR stat tool in studies like this. While commendable, the sample size could’ve been bigger in order to show a more credible association. The study was actually a contest between red and white wine. The scoreboard showed:

    Red wine OR = 0.87 (per daily glass)


    White wine OR = 1.02 (per daily glass)

    There’s your 13 percent less risk of lung cancer from red wine (1 – 0.87 = 0.13)!

    Ewan ko ha, pero sa akin, ang lapit pa din nyan. Tapos case-control ang study with 319 subjects: 132 cases and 187 controls. With so many other factors which can confound development of lung cancer, it would’ve been better IF THEY HAD A LARGER SAMPLE SIZE.

    But the study is commendable in the sense that using the odds ratio, the authors were able to pinpoint the type of wine negatively associated with the development of lung cancer.


  5. hi doc.

    ang galing naman. salamat sa very informative na reply mo. medyo skeptical nga ako sa report na ito. i’m sure may statistical proof pero napaka misleading nga – drink red wine and you can keep smoking.

    if i were still a smoker, malamang gawin ko itong excuse para ma validate ang habit na ito.

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