Hi Ester.

I did get your letter but I was traveling so much this past four weeks that I had barely enough time to do other stuff. I was in Manila 3 weeks ago with Jet and I took some pictures of mom and the rest of the gang in Novaliches. Hope you got my previous email with the pictures. Last week I returned to Manila and went to Davao to close a project. We went back to Singapore this Sunday and I had to fly to Sydney this Tuesday. I am still in Australia as I write this letter. My life has been a blur this past four weeks and I apologize for not being able to answer you sooner than I wished.

I was so happy that you did get me letter, happier when you answered. It was a long shot as I was not sure if you were really in Florida. It turns out you were and para akong nabunutan ng tinik knowing that you are alive and well. Mom did get your letter and card and was very pleased that you wrote to her. She probably is still thinking of how she will answer you… we haven’t heard from you in a while and you can just imagine how it must have been a shock to her when she read your letter. Please give her some time.

I’m glad that Donna was able to send you that postcard. She is probably somewhere between New York and the Caribbean as I write. David is probably somewhere in the Pacific Ocean as well. Like I said, a lot has happened since you lost touch with us.

I have a big presentation tomorrow. I hope to impress these pesky Australians. Wish me luck. I will write often now that I know you email address. O sige. I still have to prepare. Ingat na lang diyan. I miss you so much and we hope to see you when Jet and I go to the states one of these days. Susurpresahin ka na lang namin – just you wait and see.

With much love,


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