binagoongan blues

the trick to cooking really good binagoongan is to make the bagoong taste as subtle as possible.┬áin food, as in life, sometimes it’s better for your main ingredient to keep a low profile.

so the question is… what is binagoongan in english?


dude, where’s my curry?


i had lunch today at “Dude, where’s my curry?” – i almost chickened out because i am afraid of eating at joints where they can’t spell vegetable correctly. but after hesitating for 3 seconds, i chose my meat and my “vegtable” and had a madapaking great time.


ang tanghalian ngayon ay hatid sa inyo ng Dogzilla – “Not Your Typical Wiener”. i had a yaki dog. “what is a yaki dog?”, ang tanong ni mang boy. well mang boy, a yaki dog is a spicy hotdog topped with yakisoba noodles, bean sprouts, cabbage, green onions, okonomi sauce, ao nori, and red ginger on a king’s hawaiian roll bun.

For Truck Day

masarap. ang lasa eh parang pinaghalong purefoods hotdog at pansit canton. oo mang boy, nagpacanton ako.

soft tofu


dinner is soft tofu and spinach, stir fried in garlic, chili, soy sauce and sesame oil. medyo maanghang ang timpla ko ngayon kaya malamang bukas ng umaga, bago pa sumikat ang haring araw eh mga limang beses akong uupo sa trono.