dark side of the moon


We used to play Side B of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon at the parties in Novaliches back in the day because you could slow dance with the girl of your dreams for over 15 minutes. Tigas titi time indeed.

I didn’t know why I liked this then but I just latched on to songs right away. I love it even more now because I learned about how the album was created and now understand the lyrics. It did help that David Gilmour played so fucking good.

The album cover is iconic. You see it in a rack and you immediately grin from ear to ear because you know right away what it is.



the beatles revolver and rubber soul are my personal favorites. this is the time when “love me do” turned into “norwegian wood” – the beatles were at the height of their songwriting power and were creating songs that were deep but catchy pop.

claus voorman, a friend from their hamburg days, designed the album cover. blew my mind, the first time I saw it. i was only 4 years old.

Mahalagang Balita: Graveyard Company First to Test Market in Duterte’s Philippines

dear mang boy,

ang ibig sabihin ba nito eh kaya magandang negosyo ang funenarya sa baying magiliw ay dahil maraming mamamatay na mga masasamang tao sa pag-upo ni duterte?

praise god!
unkyel batjay

PS oo nga pala, naisip ko rin ito: kung extrajudicial killing na rin lamang ang plataporma ng papasok na administrasyon eh pwede bang unahin na nila yung mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno?

#Duterte #Philippines #ExtraJudicialKilling

tosilog blues

Tocino Bluesthis is called ToSiLog – tocino, sinangag ang itlog. it’s probably the most popular breakfast in the philippines. why? because it’s madapaking kick-ass.

how should it be prepared, mang boy?

the tocino should not be too sweet, have a little bit of fat and crunchy on the side. the sinangag or fried rice should be fried in garlic. that’s it. no special effects. the itlog or egg should be sunny side, burnt on the side so it’s both crunchy and juicy. then you should have coconut vinegar spiked with chili as your dipping sauce.

#Filipino #Foodporn