FROM THE INSIDE BY ALICE COOPER, and the song i always hum when i’m on the outside

in 1978, alice cooper released an album called “from the inside”. it was the album he produced right after going into rehab for alcoholism. one of the songs there is a sweet ballad called “how you gonna see me now”. it tells about a man’s apprehensions about going back to his wife after screwing up both their lives. he’s wondering if he’ll be accepted and if it will still be the same again. been to hell and back, honey. fade to black?

in some screwy way, i hum this tune whenever i’m outstation and i have to leave jet at home. di naman ako recovering alcoholic pero, somehow, i associate the song with leaving my wife at home during my business trips. weird really. isa pa, yung kanta ng kiss na “beth”. at saka yung kanta ng allman brothers band na “melissa”. wala namang mention kay jet doon. “benny and the jets” sana ni elton john, “leaving on a jet plane” ni john denver or yung “jet” ni paul mccartney, kaya lang wala naman itong appeal sa akin pag umaalis ako.

anyway, here’s part of the alice cooper song. read the words of the recovering alcoholic afraid of going back to his wife, but knows that he must because being with her makes him complete…

Dear darlin’ surprised to hear from me?
Bet you’re sittin’ drinkin’ coffee, yawnin’ sleepily
Just to let you know
I’m gonna be home soon
I’m kinda awkward & afraid
Time has changed your point of view

How you gonna see me now
Please don’t see me ugly babe
‘Cause I know I let you down
In oh so many ways
How you gonna see me now
Since we’ve been on our own
Are you gonna love the man
When the man gets home

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