21 july 2002

remember yung amo na pumatay sa indonesian maid nya? 18 years and caning ang parusa for the murder. bummer… bakit si flor contemplacion binitay on suspicion pinatay nyang anak ng amo, etong among nang torture before murder, kulong lang?

only in indonesia: kahapon isang eroplano ang nag landing sa expressway ng jakarta causing a massive traffic jam – gusto atang magbayad ng toll ng pilot dahil pasok siya sa tollgate.

the cranberries and no doubt will have a back to back concert here in singapore on 18 august. nood kaya kami ni jet, mura lang ticket eh… “Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken, And if islands cause the silence, Who are we mistaking, But you see it’s not me, It’s not my family, In your head in your head, They are fighting, With their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns, In your head in your head they are crying………..In your head…In your head…zombie zombie zombie ei ei, What’s in your head…In your head…Zombie, zombie, zombie, ei, ei, ei , oh…..do,do,do,do,do,do,do,do

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