20 minutes before takeoff

lipad akong japan ngayong gabi. my first time to be in the land of the rising sun. i’ll be there for a week which means i won’t be here in singapore with jet for valentines day… di bale, i’ll make it up to here when i get back. kagabi, kumain naman kami sa kenny rogers… advance valentines day date. me-kenny rogers? hehehe… cheap date? treat naman iyon eh – dahil ngayon lang ulit kami nakapunta doon in 2 years.

sige, next time i write again, it’ll be in tokyo.

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  1. Alam mo ba kung ano title ng song na may ganitong lyrics? “20 minutes before take-off, just don’t make sense, i dream of a lifetime with you, but now, its just a matter of minutes”

  2. Musta mga Pre!!!! Matagal ko na nga rin na hinahanap ang kanta na ito “20 minutes before take off”. One time nadownload ko sa Napsters but that was 4 years ago. Gusto ko nga uling i download pero so far wala akong makita. Kung meron kayo please naman pahingi rin ng copy

  3. Pare, salamat sa tip pero ano ba yung RK-96, ito ba yung band ni Dan Henry? Actually mga ‘tol, meron pa syang sequal sa 20 minutes before take off, it’s called 20 Minutes After Take Off. I used to listen to these songs when I was in high school during the nineties. Yung 20 Minutes After Take Off, it has a long instrumental intro. I like to get both. One time I was searching the internet, I came across a Filipino store somewhere in US that sells Filipino music with 20 minutes before take off included but not the other one. Im desperately seeking the store since then but with no luck. If anyone finds it please post. Thanks

  4. i was also looking for the song for a friend. I have downloaded it through limewire. I was also looking for the lyrics of the song, and i stumbled on this page. i hpoe i could be of help. šŸ™‚

  5. hi! i’ve been long looking for the lyrics too of that song, but to no avail. i think dan henry doesnt exist anymore, couldn’t find him in the web too. i emailed royrosario@yahoo.com but did not get any response. anybody else who has a copy of the song? please email me. thanks!!!

  6. i have the lyrics and mp3 of the song.
    But I want the whole copy of the album. I like the piano instrumental intro of the song. Wayback early 1990s, this piano intro (PRELUDE) was played in FM radios on wee hours. It really soothed me. I have been trying to ask some local FMs but they dont have the copy of the LP. Maybe even if they do, how could i play and record it.

  7. Dun sa mga naghahanap ng lyrics at MP3 copy ng 20 minutes before take-off, just e-mail me. I also made a video of this classic OPM and I posted it on You Tube. The song was heavily played on FM radio back in the early 80s. Naririnig ko rin ito sa Shoemart, Isetann at Cinderella, atbp.
    Brings back High School memories. Check-out my video version…

  8. sana ung buong album,i’m from sta mesa, manila,henry toribio is long gone,i know him personally kasi kapitbahay lang namin sya……..may iba pang kanta na kasama yan sa album,all songs are beautifully arranged,sana may kind heart na i share naman to us younger generations……..

  9. well sayang talaga ang talent ng dan henry,pero malabo na silang bumalik pa sa music industry…si dan(danee samonte ay isa nang dj ng rjfm(steve o`neal)..then sad to say si henry(henry toribio) has past away na..pero bilib ako sa talent nila…yung 20 minutes suite tsaka yung two right people maganda din……..

  10. I saw this wonderful video of “20 minutes before takeoff” by Dan henry and it comes with lyrics so you can sing along with the song. Its got a great video carefully arranged with the song lyrics.

    Just click the link below:

  11. wow! thank God i’ve bumped in here.. i’ve discovered a lot about Dan Henry.. first i thought Dan Henry was a solo artist.. now i know, Dan Henry is a duo.. Danee Samonte and Henry Toribio.. anyway, what was the caused of Henry’s death? and how old are the duo now? i first heard the song 20 minutes before take off in Pepe and Pilar’s 80s movie played by Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion, and i really liked it ! sOoOoOoOo much ! please send me a copy of their complete album.. please please please.. here’s my add: ynna_the_bomb@yahoo.com

    anyone? please? thanks in advance! =)

  12. hey guys, i’ve downloaded *two right people* and *twenty minutes suite* videos in youtube.. the suite is a 3-in-1 video.. includes: the long piano instrumental, twenty minutes before take off, and twenty minutes after take off.. just go to youtube and type in dan henry for the keyword.. šŸ™‚ P.S. this is for those who don’t have a copy yet.. šŸ™‚ take care y’all! šŸ˜‰

  13. Henry toribio was a friend, met in the 60’s when he was with Jitterbugs.
    He was a multi talented musician and deserved a place in Filipino Music hall of fame. The last time I saw him was 1987 at Octoarts Office. I was really happy to see him after so many years. I have so much love and admiration for my dear friend Henry. And I am so glad we had some of his songs to remember us by.


  14. I got a copy of album “Bongga, The Biggest OPM Retro Hits” published last YR2009 and it’s really good to hear old songs… 20 minutes before take off is included here… Hope to see album of Dan Henry in remastered release.
    Sana somebody think of it.

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