flu shit


flu shot. di naman nila alam na ako si batjay pero si joker ang band aid na pinangtakip sa injection ko.

are you pregnant now or in the near future, ang tanong sa flu shot questionnaire. maybe, ang sagot ko. tawanan sa clinic.

The Art of McCartney

one of the few times where the cover versions are better than the originals. bb king does a version of “on the way” and i couldn’t even imagine myself saying this but i really love “no more lonely nights”, the cover version, that is. it rocks.

dude, where’s my curry?


i had lunch today at “Dude, where’s my curry?” – i almost chickened out because i am afraid of eating at joints where they can’t spell vegetable correctly. but after hesitating for 3 seconds, i chose my meat and my “vegtable” and had a madapaking great time.